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14.11.2017 19:51:53

Int. one-make series newsletter 35_2017

Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Brasil

November 11-12, 2017 Interlagos / Brasil

Three races before the F1 GP in Interlagos

As it has happened since 2005, Porsche Império GT3 Cup held the support event of Brazilian F1 GP in Interlagos. There were three races, the final round of the sprint series championship in classes Cup and Challenge.
There were 44 cars on track, 24 within Cup class and 20 from Challenge class. The grid had drivers from Brazil, Argentina, Panama and Sweden.

Rodrigo Baptista won from pole the first race of the weekend, clinching the Cup title with a Grand Chelem. The Porsche Junior Programme participant showed up with a new primary sponsor at the track, obtained after the repercussion his results had thru the season. He also was awarded the ?Capacete de Prata? prize, as the second best driver of the year in the ?national drivers? category. It is the most relevant Brazilian motorsport prize, with 21 years of history.

Second Cup race was won by Miguel Paludo and the #7 Brandt sponsored Porsche. The result put him at the second place on the final standings of the Sprint championship. The race itself was one of the best of the season, with several lead changes and also fierce competition throughout the whole field.

With two wins in the entry class Cup Sport, Marcel Visconde clinched his title after a turnaround weekend. He arrived in Interlagos and was trailing Fernando Fortes by seven points. Fortes had the lead on the opening race, but lost his car in the end of the main straight, ending up in the barriers of the Senna?s S. Fortes started last on Sunday race and was catching his adversary, but made contact with another car and did not finish, letting Marcel win the trophy without difficulties.

Khouri was also one of the names of the last round. Due to his Challenge Series overall championship in 2016, he received a Cup Series event to race as a prize. So he competed in all three races before the F1 GP, with two different cars and two different sponsors (Movida in Challenge and Universal Studios in his Cup car). He set the pole with the first one and won Cup Sport division race in the second. After the races he still took his sponsors? guests do fast laps within the Porsche Experience program.

Porsche Império GT3 Cup Hospitality Center in the F1 event had over 1.000 guests during the weekend, with amenities such as food, drink, gourmet coffee and Diletto ice cream distribution. The area exclusive grandstands was packed during the weekend, both for F1 track activities as for the Porsche races.

After the final event there was a prize awarding ceremony at the lounge, with all the Sprint series drivers taking home at least one trophy.

There was also the sortition of two trip packages to the Maldives and two racing watches among all the drivers. Challenge driver Fernando Guerra and Cup driver Lico Kaesemodel won the Velaa resort trips. The watches were won by Rodrigo Mello (Challenge) and Guilherme Reischl (Cup).

For more information please visit: http://www.porschegt3cup.com.br/